04: Cognizance

From soulful ballads to techno-pop concoctions, the below artists are both leaders and newbies of the music biz. So enjoy your next commute while trying not to sing/hum/bob along to the beat of these new songs and bands.


Jack Garratt: His latest single, “Fire” is a mix of electronic and alt-rock. It’s the best of both worlds. First, Garratt’s soft, soulful voice draws you in, then the beat picks up along with your mood. A little over a minute into the four minute song, the beat drops and all's right with the world.


The 1975: So, these guys may not be so new… but they’re amazing and worth the shoutout. Their new song, “Somebody Else,” is… well, something else. This song has the 1975 sound that we know and love, and the beat that makes your head bob.


Andra Day: Coming in hot after her killer performance at the Grammy’s, Andra Day made everyone’s… well, day. Her sound might be a tad different than my normal taste, but come on! That silky voice and R&B sound is madness. Her entire album is a little bit of soul for the soul.


Wet: This indie meets techno trio use an upbeat sound and harmonies to snag their spot on my list. The guitar and claps make the entire sound come together. Extra cred? They formed in Brooklyn in 2012.


Kanye: The Life of Pablo is as mysterious as the reasons behind the album’s title. Yeezy’s new album is classic Kanye, showing off his rap expertise, mixed with techno background sounds and altered electronic vocals. My favorite song on the album? “I love Kanye.” Classic Yeezy.



- As told by Emily Goldman. Collage via Dazed Digital.


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