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David Adusei aka Most Golden has been making music for almost a decade now. Hailing from the sandy beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina he’s made his way up the coast to Brooklyn (not too far from where Nephews hangs its hat) to make his mark on the electronic music scene. I was able to catch up with Most Golden one afternoon over the phone in between his time working on his newest EP.


CW: What kind of coffee did you get?

MG: A cappuccinee.


CW: A cappuccino?

MG: Nope. A cappuccinee. It’s like a cappuccino, but I named it differently.


CW: Makes sense. I was listening to your first EP Desirée the other night and it reminded me of the time you DJ’d that house party in your old place and the fireplace caved in halfway through the night from so many people jumping on it.

MG: (Laughs) I remember that! I’m pretty sure we didn’t get our deposit back.


CW: Also makes sense. That whole EP is nuts, man. The lyrics were really progressive towards what your sound is like now.

MG: Yeah, I feel like my sound has definitely evolved, but the subject matter is still there.


CW: You mean girls?

MG: Yes and no. That EP was great and got a lot of amazing responses and yeah my lyrics have shifted, but now I’m writing a lot about moments that try to encapsulate the human experience. This one track I’m working on right now for my new EP is called...oh shit. What’s it called again? Oh! Yeah, it’s called “The Body.” And it starts out mainly about this girl who has been somewhat of a shut in a lot lately and decides to branch out for the night and hit the town for an adventure and along the way you start to realize that she’s more a metaphor for what the world is like right now. It’s like sometimes we are truly afraid to step out of our own box.


Thanks. No, it looks really good. (MG has just gotten his cappuccinee.)


CW: Have you felt like your sound has shifted with time?

MG: I’ve listened to a lot of popular electronic R&B lately and what I think some of it really lacks is that intimacy it calls for. Like The Weeknd is a singer/songwriter. I mean Abel isn’t really a producer so he’s writing lyrics and putting a lot of work making it meld with the music he’s been provided. I’ve been producing my own music as well as writing my own lyrics now since I started. My heritage has been a massive influence on the sounds I create. My family is from Ghana and I’m from North Carolina by way of Toronto. There’s a lot of space there and I just really want you to feel like you’re in the room with me. I feel that way even with the soundtrack work I’ve done.


CW: When it comes to influences on your sound where does the majority of it come from?

MG: Well, like I said, my family is kind of from all over and I think that’s been huge. The music from Ghana is always in my blood, but it’s been mostly 90’s R&B heavy-hitters are at the foundation of a lot of my work. Christopher Williams is definitely a major inspiration on my music.


CW: What are you looking for with this newest EP, doing the radio show, and eventually working out a tour?

MG: The EP is something that’s been consuming me and I can’t wait to finish it. Waxx.fm was great and I can’t wait to do it again. Cameo Gallery was one of my favorite spots to play in Brooklyn but that’s closed down now, but I’m playing other places like Elvis Guesthouse, Donna, Le Bain, and a few others. I’ve been making music for as long as I can go and I’m just trying to keep doing just that. I’m trying to show what human connection can feel like through music.


CW: Okay. Speed round.

1. Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you do it?

    I’m David; I make coffee, and I DJ to fuel my music habit.


    2. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

    Eight alarms.


    3. Favorite city that you don't live in?

    Easily, San Francisco.


    4. Daily addiction (obsession)?

    Rehearsing in any moment of free time I have.


    5. Style icon?

    Yohji Yamamoto


    6. What is your daily style necessity?



    7. Last song you listened to?

    Yung Skrrt - Bet I Wanna Ft. Ja-kuura


    8. Worst or best DJing experience?

    Worst: DJing on acid.

    Best: The first time I ever played on a Funktion 1 system.


    9. What's next?

    I’m currently working on a new EP, but recently did my first stint with Waxx.fm as a guest DJ. The whole thing is on Soundcloud and it’s got a ton of new and old shit. There’s a ton of my newest material on my page and you should “like” me on Facebook for constant updates on my upcoming EP.



    - As told by Caleb Ward. Photos via Most Golden. 


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