03: Cognizance

This week is all about the lyrics. Okay, so maybe the beat too. From soulful to techno, these guys are some of the best of the new, and some new from the best.


Chainsmokers: Known for their EDM DJ skills, the group’s newest song, “Don’t Let Me Down” gives Rihanna a run for her money. Was anybody else shocked to learn that this group is actually a duo of dudes?


Foxes: Think Charlie XCX meets Bastille. The band’s most recent album, All I Need, dropped February 5, and is already at the top of my list. The band’s techno-pop beat that forces you to dance.


The Lumineers: They are back. If you don’t know these guys, you’re truly missing out. Their latest single, “Ophelia” brings back the alt rock that we all love from these guys, but with an upbeat tempo and lyrics that will make you smile.


Cash Cash: This New Jersey based group combines the best aspects of techno dance pop to create a beat that just won’t quit. They’re hit “Devil” featuring Busta Rhymes already has over 16 million listens on Spotify.



- As told by Emily Goldman. Collage via Dazed Digital.


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