02: Cognizance

If I keep bobbing my head to these guys I’ll get a serious case of whiplash, but it’s totally worth it. Ranging from soulful sadness to rave-worthy beats, the mix of artists below are worth your time.


Braves: Think: Bon Iver/JT/Electric hybrid. These guys can lull you into relaxation or are hype enough to listen to at a pregame.


Birdy: The love child of Whitney Houston and Sam Smith, Birdy, is a british babe with the voice of a sad angel. She’s soulful, wise beyond her years, and full of emotion. Check out her rendition of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” to get in touch with your feelings.


Troye Sivan: So, this guy is gaining popularity faster than you can say YOUTH, a top track off of his 2015 album Blue Neighborhood. Troye Sivan sings/talks to old school sounds of snapping fingers amidst a techno-esque beat.


Erik Hassle: To be honest, he’s the Swedish Trey Songs meets techno pop. The Swedish born singer mixes pop and techno to create a happy, uptempo tune–a great addition to the daily routine.


Miike Snow: Think Adam Levine and an electric piano. With fun songs like “Genghis Kahn,” and “Animal,” Miike Snow does not disappoint in adding a pep to your step, and a new tune to get stuck in your head.



Listen to the only tracks you'll need in this month: 52: February 2016



- As told by Emily Goldman


Collage via Dazed Digital.



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