A quick recap Men’s Fashion Week:

Dusters should never die, monochrome, party on gender neutrality, Bill Nye.



And here are the details:


1. It’s likely that in the next 12 months, you will be on a date with someone wearing the exact same outfit as you, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, or theirs.

    It’s usually women who push the boundaries of what can be gender-associated or even what that means at all. Now the men are stepping up to the plate. Sam Linder showed his line (Linder) on models in a rotating boxing ring covered with butterflies. Greg Lauren went a more traditional route with the boxing theme and cast athletes as his models. We saw some swing jackets on the runways. Also spotted were plenty of androgynous looking couples of various gender pairings.


    Other trends the ladies recently modded that dudes are sporting now: cropped flare denim and hip-trimmed shearling jackets. We literally saw a male–female couple wearing this outfit. They looked great.


    2. The smartest guys can still be the smartest looking

      Two words: Bill Nye. Homeboy’s got a line of bowties with Nicholas Graham. While bowties aren’t exactly a daily for us, they seem to be one of those items you find yourself wishing you had when, well, you don’t have one. Go ahead and invest. Bill would never lie to you. Plus, it’s good to know Bill’s still got our backs twenty years later.


      3. Monochrome is on.

        RE: Joseph Abboud, Michael Kors, EFM, Brett Johnson, Versace, Public School, and, like…everyone else. But don’t think Canadian tuxedo. Think deep blues in a variety of textures and weights, brown athleisure suits, head-to-toe grays that make you look like a bad-ass puff of smoke, jumpsuits (if you just saw Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, you’re right on the money), and charcoal blacks that are on-trend no matter the weather, season, or year. The best part? Monochrome starts with solid basics, and that’s where we live.


         4. A duster is forever.

        I find myself wondering why these seem to be a trend. Didn’t Hemmingway rock a duster in Nantucket? Have you seen The Godfather? Have you ever noticed how a duster turns any street style photo into a gd work of art? The duster is eternally on fleek. It was on fleek before there was ever a fleek to be on. This is going to be a purchase that you will still wear for years. We even saw a few duster–shearling hybrids. Dear God. If you still want to fly on trend with your duster, go the way of the monochrome.


        What you can do about all of this: Get on your monochrome game.



        - As told by Emily McCrary


        Photos via WWD.


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