The Gray Areas

It’s getting harder to tell the difference between the men’s and women’s department while shopping and that’s a good thing. This idea that genders or even the idea of gender as an allocation of fashion is something that really goes against the idea of fashion. Minimalism, high fashion, haute couture, lumbersexual, vintage, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to current trends, but none of them have to be subscribed to one gender or another.


In a recent show done by Juun.J the main focus of it was the idea of this being a genderless/boundaryless show wherein each piece can be utilized for a multitude of wearing for anyone anywhere. Juun.J’s style focuses on the minimal—though much of his work is displayed in a theatrical sense—for example, his suits aren’t considered classic in a sense but are more, “sporty, street style, but mixed with the classic suit.”


Some designers are refraining from using terms like unisex or multisex as that tends to lean more toward an idea that clothing is for one of two sexes when in fact with the advancement in acknowledging gender binaries and how they should be broken down so as to not fit a specific role and bringing about a sense of fluidity we must look at fashion as a term of all. Minimalism is something we pride ourselves on at Nephews and though most of the photos of our pieces our men that means nothing when it comes to who can wear these pieces, when, and how they wear them. Fashion is for all. Period. I think this idea of Genderless fashion is one that isn’t really new, but has always been a staple of what the fashion world is trying to do, which is to push barriers and find new and intriguing ways to transcend how we perceive one another. I want to see a world where you go into a clothing store and there aren’t any indicators as to who should where what, but there are just racks and items where women and men are going through the same items. It’s a personal choice. Not a uniform.


Gender binary is an old term that should be recalled. There are no longer just two genders and it isn’t a matter of making a decision one day, but rather a multitude of acceptances that should be expanded across the spectrum of daily life. If that means starting with what we throw over our backs each day, then it’s certainly a start.



- Opinionated by Caleb Ward. 


Painting by Anthony Hunger


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