Addictions 1.0

This is new. For me. For you. For anyone reading our work here for the first time. Everyone gets obsessed over things (go on and admit you actually want a hover board). These are five of ours.



1. Re-watching 1983’s The Hunger 

We all felt the impact of the man who was David Bowie is one way or another from his timeless music, unabashed sense of style, or brilliant on-screen performances. Even bro’d out frat boys have seen Zoolander. Granted, 1976’s The Man Who Fell to Earth is a classic, which put Bowie on the cinematic scene, but it’s Tony Scott’s big screen debut The Hunger that has stuck with us. With Bowie’s passing it’s even more relevant that he be appreciated in some of his most B-movie appreciation. Do yourself a favor if you haven’t seen this gem and get it into your head now. The minimalist wardrobe reminiscent of our Long Tee brings a sense of classic style to each scene.



2. Tasty

If you’re anything like me then you know you love food, but food can be expensive and I don’t always eat pizza every night. I could, but that would bring about its own litany of problems. Tasty is a Facebook page offshoot of BuzzFeed (an unhealthy time killing obsession we have) that posts videos averaging under a minute long with creative recipes for the everyday. We haven’t seen anything yet that would cost more than $30 to make. The page has been around for quite some time, but it hasn’t been until recently that everyday another one of our friends on Facebook has shared another delicious recipe. It’s worth a shot and there’s something in there for everyone!



3. Kanye West’s “No More Parties in L.A.” (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

First of all, listen. Mr. West and I (Caleb) have had a tumultuous relationship from day one. I have been a supporter of his music (mostly) through The College Dropout, 808’s & Heartbreak, Watch the Throne, and even to his upcoming release of SWISH I’ll be onboard with an open mind. In my opinion, some of his best stuff are the tracks he won’t even release officially, like the collaboration he did with Sia and Vic Mensa for the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Live almost a year ago called, “Wolves.” This new iteration of GOOD Fridays has me back on board and even more so with this new Kendrick Lamar collaboration release. Anything that Kendrick touches I affiliate with gold. So really, I’m obsessed with the fact that Kendrick and Kanye are finally together. Also, the president said Kendrick would beat Drake in a rap feud and I’m okay with that too.



4. FuckJerry

    Sometimes you really just need a good laugh and when Vines, Kylie Jenner’s new year resolutions, or your cousin’s Snapchat videos won’t do it there is always FuckJerry, now officially endorsed by your 90’s dad Bob Saget himself. Elliot Tebele has been posting pictures, memes, gifs, and videos daily for quite some time now. So in the off chance no one has tagged you in one or shared one with you there’s plenty of funny to keep you busy for at least a few hours.



    5. Screen Junkies Honest Trailers

    Screen Junkies has been putting together these for almost four years now. There are 135 of them. Get started. That’s all we’ll say.



    - As told by Caleb Ward. 


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