Stop complaining

Okay, first of all, we’ve all read those “end of the year” wrap-ups and “final (add year here) wish list” articles that sprawl across the pages of BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, etc. They’re chocked (chopped?) full of the good, the bad, and the indifferent that happened all year long. I’m not going to do that here. Every year we get the same bullshit thrown at us: it’s a new year, a new you, a fresh start. When the clock strikes 12 in just a few short days, nothing changes. Understanding that is the first step. I don’t mean that in a morose way that’s drenched in banality, but understand what I mean by that. There’s not magical fairy dust that explodes out of Times Square and spreads across the world when that famous ball drops clearing your text message history, eliminating debt, and taking back that biting phrase you said across the Christmas dinner table. You are still you and that’s okay!


Take the opportunity to take it with you and work on something this year. Talk to your partner more, raise your grades, switch to tea, I don’t know. The world owes you nothing. And that may sound a little dramatic, but it’s true. Once you’re aware of that you’ll start to work harder, get up earlier, dress better, finish that project, and get something, anything, done.


Secondly, this in my opinion piece so I’d like to opinionate some things. Maybe they apply to you and maybe they don’t. Maybe it’s bullshit? Who knows? You do, that’s who. This is my list. Check it twice.


Things I wanted to do in 2015:

  1. Finally go sky diving
  2. Drink a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label
  3. Finish reading Infinite Jest
  4. Get my girlfriend to finally watch Purple Rain
  5. Stop getting so easily distracted watching Vines
  6. Eat more Red Vines
  7. Switch to tea
  8. Be more comfortable with a shaved face
  9. Direct a music video
10. Eat less fast food



    Things I did in 2015:

      1. Traveled more
      2. Switched jobs
      3. Read the William Castle memoir I’ve been aching to read for years
      4. Started rebuilding my vinyl collection
      5. Went to a professional lacrosse game
      6. Ate more Red Vines
      7. Finally listened to Serial (can we talk about this still?)
      8. Grew my beard back
      9. Direct a short film
    10. Finally watched Koyaanisqatsi


      Lastly, I know this piece started out a little dark in a tough love kind of way, but when I reflect on the best advice I have received over the course of my life it all boils down to this idea of fear. Fear is simply an idea put in your head about expectations. That clown will scare me. This test is hard. She’s going to leave me. If you destroy expectations then you destroy fear. Relax. You don’t know the outcome of everything. No one does. I’ve learned a lot about myself from writing just a little while for Nephews and the most important thing I’ve learned is self-preservation through the act of hard work. Work hard, have fun, and learn something new everyday. That’s as Hallmark card as it’s gonna get with me.



      - Opinionated by Caleb Ward. 


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