The Five Days

It’s the last sprint of 2015. Here’s what to do with those awkward five days between Christmas and NYE:


December 26

Listen | “Lonely Town” by Brandon Flowers.

Drink | Take advantage of your folks’ wet bar while you can. Garnish your favorite bourbon cocktail by lighting a sprig of rosemary on fire and jamming it into the glass ablaze. Literally a lit cocktail.

Vibe | It’s the day after Christmas—the perfect day to call up that girl from middle school you never had the courage to talk to. Do it now; she’s headed back to Chicago soon.


December 27

Read | “The Legend of Panther Girl”

Wear | The Muscle Tee.

Listen | “Nimble Girl” by Hotel Eden.

Vibe | Alright Captain Sofa, time to sweat a little. Dig out your old basketball from the garage and shoot some hoops in your old stomping grounds.


December 28

Watch | Louis C.K.: Oh My God. Currently available on Amazon Prime and Delta Studio.

Drink | Holy shit, there’s a Jamba Juice right by your gate.

Vibe | As you kiss mom goodbye and catch your flight back to the city, remember to call her when you land. Lady raised you; it’s the least you could do.


December 29

Crush | Jenny Lewis.

Watch | Computer Chess. It’s the world’s strangest movie. It’s on Netflix right now. That’s all I’m going to say.

Read | The Arab of the Future, the brand new (new to the States, at least) graphic novel from Riad Sattouf.

Vibe | Embrace your nerd.


December 30

Watch | Master of None

Wear | Sweatshirt.

Vibe | Stay in and store up your groove for tomorrow night. In preparation for NYE, get tips from Aziz on sweet-ass style and award-winning feminism.


- As told by Emily McCrary


Photos via Garance Doré. 


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