Kooley High

Nephews caught up with Brooklyn hip hop crew Kooley High about moving to NYC from a small town, go-to threads, and the future of hip hop. Charlie and Digitz let us know what’s up.


Who is Kooley High and how did you form?

Digitz: KH is a five-piece hip hop group that met at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. We started a student hip hop organization on campus, and after we graduated, we kept it going via KH.
Charlie: Five dudes that love making and performing hip hop music. Each member is unique, but we’re seamless when put together. These my brothers.  


What was it like going from a smaller city like Raleigh to New York?

Digitz: It was exciting to move to a new place. I had lived in Raleigh my whole life, so it’s been amazing to experience NYC.

Charlie: Eye opening. NYC is one of the capitals of the world. A new adventure can be had everyday. I still feel excitement about how little I know about this place, even after five years of living here.  


Do people receive your music differently in Raleigh vs. New York? 

Digitz: In Raleigh, we have our home-base fans, so it’s always love when we play in Raleigh. Rocking and networking in NYC is a little more challenging, but hip hop heads in NYC will always give you the props if you come correct.


Who/what are your biggest influences?

Digitz: All the crews that show love to the DJs on the albums. I'm talking Dilated Peoples, Lootpack, ATCQ, J5, People Under the Stairs—the list goes on.


How would you describe your style? 

Digitz: Different shades of grey and blue.

Charlie: Simple yet eclectic. All black. Tops with no text. Don’t want to be predictable or boring, though. I can go to a neon green dashiki for no reason. 


Favorite article of clothing? Something you could never part with. 

Digitz: That would be the hoodie.

Charlie: Nice jeans. 


Sickest album you've heard lately?

Digitz: Lootpack—Soundpieces: Da Antidote.

Charlie: Vince Staples—Summertime ’06.


What does the future of Hip Hop look like?

Digitz: Future hip hop artists will continue to ask that age old question, "You think you sick? Well, check me out."

Charlie: It looks like everything—stylish, comedic, bouncy, gritty, realistic, futuristic, classic, smooth. So many new artists are popping up that it’s hard to know exactly where the genre is headed. The unknown is looking good where I sit.  



Check out KH’s first visuals—“Under the Sun”—from their upcoming EP, Heights.


 Kooley High by Nephews


- Photos via Kooley High


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