Daniel Seung Lee

Nephews sat down with NYC-based photographer Daniel Seung Lee to talk simple style, SoCal, and Insta envy.


Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

I’m Daniel Seung Lee, and I'm an editorial and commercial photographer based in New York. I like to joke that I'm a photographer now because I was never talented enough to be a painter, which I always associated with an "artist" as a kid. 


What gets you going in the morning?

To be honest, not much. I'm really not a morning person! I prefer to start the morning on a quiet note. Even my alarm is on the soothing, quiet side with either a song by London Grammar or Bon Iver (my favorites!).

What's your favorite city?

Hands down—Palm Springs. I'm from LA so I grew up going to Palm Springs, but I never really appreciated it until recently. You can't get more SoCal than Palm Springs—the beautiful mid-century modern architecture, the palm trees, dry heat, swimming pools, and the slowness of the town.

​W​hose Instagram profile do you envy?

@ryanpfluger. Ryan is a photographer that I've always admired and who has had a huge influence on me and my work. I really admire that his voice doesn't differ from the photos he takes with his phone and his professional camera. Did I mention he's ridiculously talented? 


@kylekriegerhair. Kyle is someone I followed for a really long time before I got to know him and become close friends with. It's really inspiring to see how far he's come with his work. He's probably one of the most hard-working, dedicated people I know. 

Last song played?

I'm addicted to Adele's "Water Under the Bridge" right now!

Personal style swerve?

I like to think my personal style is all about simplicity and comfort. Like many others who move to New York, my wardrobe has changed to a lot of black, white, and grey clothing. That being said, blue is my favorite color, and it still takes a good chunk of space in my closet. The best part of my wardrobe is that I don't have to figure out an outfit for the day because I pretty much have a uniform.


Style heroes?

@kris_haigh, @mjfiii, @_taracarroll, @nanuk_jf, and @alice_gao. 



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- Photo via Daniel Seung Lee



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