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We started Nephews to offer quality pieces, designed with intention, at an affordable price. This means being intimately involved in the making process from start to finish, tirelessly iterating, and refusing to compromise standards. We wanted to make clothes that we not only want to wear, but that we can wear over and over again. To make this happen, we had to find not the right factories, but the right partners.
We ensure that our partners have the same caliber of standards that we adhere to here at Nephews, all valuing quality, balanced work environments, and relationships.
We forge relationships with only the finest environment caretakers, those who believe that quality starts at the material level and is most important at the human level. All of our partners are protectors of the quality of life enjoyed by their employees. Their standards are uncompromised, and this shows itself also in the quality of every Nephews tee that leaves our doors.
Quality begins at the material level. Our fabrics are born in North Carolina by a company whose owners have more than four decades of experience in milling quality knits. Nephews partnered with them to custom engineer the muted and intentionally foundational colors you see in our inaugural line as well as a comfortable and all-day-wearable knit.

 Inside Nephews Factories


Inside Nephews Factories


The final products are made and distributed right here in New York City by a family-run business passed from father to son. Our production partner uses the finest technology to ensure quality and consistency of output. They also do not practice outsourcing or subcontracting, so all products are domestically and proprietarily made. That means excellent quality control and Stateside jobs.


Our involvement in the creation process is just as important when it comes to how much you pay. We keep our prices honest by cutting out the middle man. We’re direct to customer so that we have final say over our prices—we don’t want a retailer inflating price tags and compromising this promise.


Inside Nephews Factories 

It’s that simple—quality pieces, designed with intention, at an honest price, inspired by the lives we lead in New York City, designed, produced, and distributed from the city itself.


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- As told by Emily McCrary


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