How We Got to Here

We tried and we didn’t like. 


We went the route of the sensible man and bought the cheap tee. But two months in and it’s over, giving up its shoddy workmanship to fraying hems, skewing side seams, and janky necklines. In less than a year, we’d recycled them all. Sensible was suddenly not so sensible.


So we went luxe and paid premium for a tee to ride from coffee in the morning to beers at night. But this feels good once and only once. The price of your tee should not compete with your rent. Don’t regret your basics. Regret is for not switching to the R train before 34th and for not setting up auto connection to the neighbor’s Wi-Fi before it was password protected. (You already tried budlightfanduel2015 because they’ve given you every reason to believe that’d be the password, but it’s not.)


So there we were—cheap was a waste and premium wasn’t premium enough. As we searched for solid quality at an honest price, we came up with nil. So we made the shirts we had been trying to find. Someone had to break the rule that style and quality have to come with a high price tag. 


We’ve spent the last year trying, tossing, and editing in order to redefine the tee. We started by deconstructing and then reconstructing the building blocks of our closets—those basics we live in and wear every day. What came out is a small collection that’s been carefully designed to be unlike whatever you’ve already seen. Our line is made of the most fundamental pieces of our wardrobe, reinvented with the Nephews take on length, cut, shape, color, and price.


This is not fast fashion. We build our products with quality materials—fabrics that breathe and move and wash and dry without losing their shape or wearing out. Basics should be ready to go with anything, so a muted color palette is key. These shirts have to work with what you already have, so we took the time to invent unique cuts. We want our products to live with you, not just in your closet, so stylistic simplicity was a big one.


To test all of this, we took them with us: coffee to beer. In the morning, we threw the Box Tee under a button-up for work, sweated in the Muscle Tee during a pick-up game of basketball, and pulled a hoodie over the Long Tank for drinks. That night, we threw it on the floor, and in the morning, started over again. And it felt dope.


Because Nephews is built on the way you live your life, knowing how you do what you do means everything to us, so we’re opening up a digital channel to build this relationship. To prove that we’re more than great clothes, we’re introducing the Nephews publication. Here, we’ll talk the latest in style, culture, music, and the arts. Consider it digital inspiration for a well-lived life. A studio dive with musicians, a conversation about the production of a Nephews tee, an intimate look behind a photographer’s lens, a unique take on travel, and more. It’s our way of exploring the people and the world that inspired us to create Nephews.


Thanks for checking us out! See the entire lineup this way >> Nephews.co


- As told by Emily McCrary


Photos via Nephews and Getty Images.


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