Good style doesn't limit itself to one gender. A classic cut can look good on any person. That’s why here at Nephews we decided that our clothes no longer need to adhere to gender roles, and that all should be able to enjoy the style and classic cuts that are Nephews.


The clothes we offer are a universal product, both within gender lines and wear-ability. For us, nothing has changed in our approach and connection to you, except the fact that we've widened who you can be, and allowed for more people to enjoy our brand.


With our brand’s use of minimal design and effortless silhouettes, the collection is something that you can throw on in the morning, whether heading to the gym, office, or brunch. The introduction of our gender neutral Alex Sweats adds another element of sustainability to your closet and Nephews collection.


These aren’t your typical sweat joggers–with 100% French Terry Cotton and a move-ability that rivals Yeezy’s spandex creations (we know you checked those out cc: NY Fashion Week), The fabric used in these sweats are known for its moisture wicking properties that draw sweat away from your body - meaning you can keep your cool on a warm sunny day or at night in an overcrowded downtown bar.


We want to continue to cultivate a community by providing quality clothes that get people out and doing things. It's a community thing for us-- a community that just got bigger.


We hope that you find the expansion into gender neutrality as exciting as we do, and delve into the new stuff coming your way. The first step to equal clothing for all: Alex Sweats


<3 Nephews


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