05: Cognizance

From soft sweet tunes that could make the iciest of hearts melt to tasty techno, this week’s dish features a mix of recently released tunes and some lesser-known finds. Relax or get pumped, but definitely listen.


Florrie: Think Ariana Grande but with a more techno/indie vibe. Her latest song, “Real Love” showcases her album’s sound. Her voice sounds somber yet wistful, as she sings to the club-worthy beat.


Kygo: “Coming Over” featuring James Hersey is an ideal mix of techno-lyrical bliss. Crank up the tunes when looking for an upbeat tempo to get lost in during your morning commute. Try not to start dancing through the cars.


Gabrielle Alpin: “Home” is one of my favorite songs. Her soft, light, vulnerable voice makes the lyrics so much sweeter. Really pulls at the heart strings, ya feel?


XylO: Think techno Katy Perry. The band’s new EP has six songs worthy of your next pregame. Give them a listen and try not to tap your foot along with the beat.



- As told by Emily Goldman. Collage via Dazed Digital.


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